Having spent over ten years in London working for several industry leading restoration companies, Philip has learned from some of the best cabinet makers in the country. As a result, he is skilled in all aspects of restoration work, from constructional or cosmetic repairs, wood turning and decorative surface revival, to metalwork such as repairing or creating new keys for period locks, the list goes on.
Philip offers a wide range of conservation solutions based on the latest up-to-date research in the field. He is able to advise on preventative measures such as environment management (temperature, relative humidity, UV filtering etc.) and the location of individual pieces within a collection. Interventive work including insect/pest control and treatment. General collection care for example, producing detailed condition reports, carrying out periodic inspections and advise on handling & cleaning.
From the initial design process through to the finished product, Philip is able to create unique freestanding furniture for both private clients and interior designers. Using traditional tools, techniques & materials he can produce exact replicas to compliment or extend existing sets or pairs. He has designed several one-off pieces which will be available on the store.