With a large stock of period materials, a wide range of traditional tools & and techniques at this disposal and a keen interest in the history and social history of the pieces in his care, Philip is able to undertake works on projects large & small at his fully equipped and spacious workshop located in St Saviour, Guernsey.

Restoration and conservation is carried out on all periods & styles of furniture and objects with each piece treated in the same precise and sympathetic manner he prides himself upon. 


Listed are some of the services offered both home and abroad to private clients, collectors, museums, interior designers and corporate establishments.


Cabinet Work

Structural and cosmetic repairs to wooden artefacts and furniture, for example; loose joints, lifting veneer, breaks, splits, replacement of lost elements, strengthening and adaptation.


Gilding & Decorative Surfaces

Repair & consolidation of gilt surfaces on furniture, frames and other water gilded objects including replacement of lost elements, lost / damaged carving, decoration and gold leaf.


Consultancy & Advisory

Production of detailed reports on the condition of individual pieces and of larger private and curated collections.

Pre-sale condition reports and advise on furniture, objects and art at auction.



The sourcing of original antique items of furniture, decorative arts and pictures.


French Polishing & Wax Finishing

Sympathetic treatment of damaged and worn finishes for example; sun bleaching, water damage, scratches & dents and burn marks. Re-finishing using a variety of traditional mediums to create a range of desired finishes.



Structural and cosmetic restoration of metalwork and metal elements of furniture.

Surface treatment of metal objects; cleaning, toning and ageing.

Sourcing of period cabinet hardware including; locks, keys, hinges, handles etc.


Bespoke & Reproduction

Production of free-standing pieces of furniture, replication of existing furniture for example the expansion of existing sets of chairs.



The design, construction and repair of antique and modern stringed instruments.