Philip is able to undertake works on all projects large & small at his fully equipped and spacious workshop located in St Saviour.

Restoration is carried out on all periods & styles of furniture and related objects with each piece treated in the same precise and sympathetic manner he prides himself upon.


Where possible he always prefers to use traditional tools & techniques in conjunction with period materials, fixtures & fittings.



This particular piece needed extensive constructional work due to severe woodworm damage and poor previous repairs.


Throughout the process care was taken not to disturb the delicate gilt surface with particular emphasis on keeping all period surfaces untouched.


New tenons were needed on all but one of the joints and many areas required strengthening. Once the chair was glued up and back together, the missing carving was addressed, ready for gilding.

Philip Burrows restoring an antique gilt chair.
A candle was left on this table top which eventually burned right down causing damage to the veneer and string lining. These three images show the process of cutting in a patch to hide the damage.
philip burrows restoration
The highly figured burr walnut veneer was so badly burned, the surrounding areas of veneer were lifting due to the heat. Small sections of string lining were missing and others damaged.
The surrounding veneer was first laid flat using a reversible animal glue. 
philip burrows restoration
Many pieces of burr walnut were inspected to find a piece matching the surrounding area and grain direction. Once the perfect piece was found the patch was cut in and secured in place. 
The string lining was removed and replaced with scarf joints in sections longer than the original damage to draw the eye away from the patch itself.
philip burrows restoration
 Finally, once the new pieces of walnut and boxwood lining were cut back flush with the surface, the area was prepared for finishing by 'raising the grain' with hot deionized water. 
The repairs were then stained, sealed and coloured to match. The whole piece was then finished with soft waxes, reviving its previous luster.